Enquiry into Working Alliance

Online Enquiry: Overestimating the Working Alliance?

Investigating our shared ‘implicit relational knowing’ about the working alliance by considering the question: Do therapists tend to over-estimate the working alliance they have with their clients? Take part in our online enquiry and join us in a shared experimental learning process. You are welcome to join in the enquiry around this topic which I [...]

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Defining the working alliance – 1

Clarkson, P. (1995) The Therapeutic Relationship. Whurr The working alliance is the part of client- psychotherapist relationship that enables the client and therapist to work together even when the patient client experiences some desires to the contrary. (Clarkson 1994 p. 31) The working alliance or psychotherapeutic alliance is probably first encountered as a concept in [...]

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Defining the working alliance – 2

Ralph R Greenson (1967) Technique and Practice of Psychoanalysis Greenson defined the working alliance as: “the relatively non-and neurotic, rational, and realistic attitudes of the patient towards the analyst … It is this part of the patient-analyst relationship that enables the patient to identify with the analyst’s point of view and to work with the [...]

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