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Workshop in Athens: Embodied Dimensions of Transference, Countertransference & Supervision

For the leaflet in Greek, please scroll to the bottom of this page ... Engaging with therapeutic impasses, breakdowns and stuckness by integrating non-verbal communication, somatic processes and ‘implicit relational knowing’ “How can we use our own embodied awareness and our perception of the client's bodymind to maximise our understanding of the intersubjective dynamics in [...]

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Book Review: “Bullshit in Psychotherapy” by George Steinfeld

This is a sweet and interesting book, with an obviously attractive title (well - attractive to me!), written as an autobiographical look back over his professional life as a therapist by the 80-year-old George Steinfeld. It is exceptional in its honesty, and it pulls no punches about delivering some uncomfortable home truths about this profession [...]

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What do we mean by ‘relational’?

Over the last 15 years or so, relational perspectives have had a significant impact across the field of psychotherapy. However, the wider its increasing influence has spread, the less clear it has become what we actually mean by ‘relational’. The default common denominator would be the recognition that in therapy it's the relationship between client [...]

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Potentials and Pathologies of Character Structure Theory

Michael Soth: European Congress of Body Psychotherapy: the Embodied Self in a dis-Embodied Society: A presentation proposal A presentation addressing the shadow aspects of this central theoretical model of our tradition Character Structure theory is a central element of Body Psychotherapy, building on Reich’s monumental achievement to bring together biology and psychology through his notion [...]

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Relational Modalities in the History of Body Psychotherapy

(from my chapter "Transference, Countertransference and Supervision in the Body Psychotherapy tradition" in: The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology)   I have been asked a few times for a brief summary regarding relationality in Body Psychotherapy - here's a very condensed paragraph from the above chapter:   A Multiplicity of Relational Modalities in [...]

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Beyond antagonising: towards a mature integration of embodiment and dis-embodiment

European Congress of Body Psychotherapy: the Embodied Self in a dis-Embodied Society: A keynote proposal This keynote proposal aims at re-defining and refining our notion of ‘embodiment’ in non-polarising terms that are actually helpful in transcending Cartesian dualism As the title of our conference suggests, Body Psychotherapy has always found itself in a counter-cultural position, [...]

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How to Improve Access to ALL the Psychological Therapies?

The 'IAallPT' project: towards a multi-disciplinary, multi-modality mental health and well-being service How can we make a broad-spectrum therapeutic response accessible and available to the community? A year ago, after much preparation, my colleague Justin Smith initiated the Oxfordshire Therapy & Self-Development Centre (OTS). Now, in 2016, we have a vibrant and growing community of [...]

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“And So It Goes On” – a story of one therapy by Russell Rose

Sat in the waiting room of the clinic, wide-eyed big-haired and spindly-limbed, David’s anxiety was a presenting feature, most apparent in the firmness with which he was pressing the palms of his hands into his thighs, giving me the impression that his legs would shake furiously otherwise. Despite being fashionably well-dressed, he seemed [...]

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Presentations from Conference ‘Embodied Intersubjectivity in the Clinic’ with Shaun Gallagher

Shaun Gallagher: "4E  cognition in therapeutic  settings" (4E = embodied,  embedded,  enactive,  extended) Shaun's presentation in PDF format ‘Embodied Intersubjectivity’ – Preparatory Notes by Michael Soth Questions inherent in our theme ‘Embodied Intersubjectivity’ What are our ideas/concepts of ‘mind’ and how two ‘minds’ understand each other and [...]

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Introductory Notes by Michael Soth: ‘Embodied Intersubjectivity in the Clinic’ with Shaun Gallagher

Questions inherent in our theme ‘Embodied Intersubjectivity’ What are our ideas/concepts of ‘mind’ and how two ‘minds’ understand each other and relate? What notion of ‘mind’ is implicit in our practice and in our way of being and thinking? What role does our bodily experience play in our ‘mind’ process? What are our [...]

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