Our programme consists of two types of events: those that we are invited to run for other organisations, trainings and conferences, and those that we are organising ourselves.

Since we launched INTEGRA CPD in spring 2010, the response to our independently organised events has been fairly overwhelming, and that part of our schedule has expanded significantly. There is now a range of CPD groups - especially ongoing ones - in various locations, and in varying formats and frequencies.

There is now a variety of events and groups that we organise and administer ourselves - booking for all of these is via our own admin, and you can reserve your place (though not enrol and pay) via our Booking Form. You can find an overview below, giving you an impression of the kinds of groups planned for the coming year.
There are some training and CPD organisations who invite us fairly regularly (e.g. CABP, CONFER, Brighton Therapy Partnership, Northern College of Body Psychotherapy and others).

Every year we get invited by a variety of regional therapy associations and conferences for one-off workshops, keynotes and seminars. And we get invited as guest tutors by training organisations - often these events are for closed groups, and therefore not listed in our calendar.

For all these events, you typically need to book your place through the organisers - you can find booking, venue and contact details provided with each course that is listed.


The calendar allows you to display the events in four different formats (using the drop-down menu on the far right above the calendar to switch between them - it's usually set to 'Agenda'): Calendar, Agenda, Stream, and Posterboard.

You can use the Categories and Tags drop-down menus to filter the display and restrict it to certain kinds of events. To de-select categories or tags and show all events, click the crossed circle next to the currently displayed category/tab.

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Ongoing CPD Groups with Michael

There are currently several such groups of different group sizes, some closed for a year at a time, some semi-closed, meeting at different frequencies (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly).
All these groups have a supervision element related to practice, but some are framed more widely in terms of personal-professional development, including teaching, group process and skills practice.
One small group meets in Oxford on bi-monthly Tuesdays (this is closed for now, but you can go onto the waiting list).

A similar group, for very experienced therapists only, is running in London, also on bi-monthly Tuesdays, for 6 days per year (this is over-subscribed for now, but you can go onto the waiting list)

Two larger groups in London, meeting on weekends, are ongoing, at a frequency about 4 or 5 days per year - one exclusively for experienced therapists (>8 years), another one with a mixture of experience.
These groups are semi-closed, to allow for continuity and group cohesion. That means participants form a ‘pool’ of about 15 to 18 group members, with the aim of attending as many days as they can, though not everybody is expected to participate every time.
The dates are planned together and set a long time in advance, so in practice we have at least 12 people present at each of the days. When people drop out of the ‘pool’, Michael may invite new group members to join. Currently some places are available in the North London group).
Michael has been running small monthly supervision groups at Fulcrum House in Bristol for more than 4 years. These last 2 hours with 4 participants each, and there are currently no places available, but if you are interested, do get in touch to put your name on the waiting list for next year.

Oxford Weekends with Nick Totton & Michael

Over the last few years, Nick & Michael have been running one weekend per year, usually in May, at a venue in North Oxford. These weekends are open to counsellors and psychotherapists from across all therapeutic approaches who are interested in the similarities and differences in how both Nick and Michael engage with embodied and relational work.
These groups are open and take shape in response to the unfolding group dynamic, and there is usually a significant element of group and individual process alongside CPD teaching and learning.
These weekends are an opportunity to directly work with Nick and Michael who are both recognised as significantly influencing and contributing to the cutting edge of embodied therapy.

"I came home feeling nourished and alive from so much immediacy and honest exchange. Thank you to Nick and Michael for holding the space in which I felt safe enough to be challenged into my edges.  I would definitely like to come next year - please reserve me a place."

CPD Events for Experienced Therapists

Michael has been offering workshops specifically for experienced therapists. Participants appreciate that - unlike many other CPD events - the group is open only to counsellors and psychotherapists who have been working for at least 5 or 8 years (though the average is probably closer to 10 - 15 years).
Although there is usually an integrative mix of approaches and modalities represented, the shared background of years of experience allows for an unusual depth and sophistication of exploration.

One-off CPD Events with Michael

Michael has been leading CPD training events for the Chiron Association of Body Psychotherapists for many years. These workshops - typically one or two days - are usually on circumscribed, specific topics and techniques, bringing a neglected embodied and relational perspective to some of the conundrums which therapists are struggling with in a field where these two perspectives exist separately, but have not yet been integrated.
Bringing embodied and relational perspectives together sheds new light on many difficult areas of practice (e.g. working alliance, enactment, projective identification, transference and countertransference, trauma, therapist self-disclosure, etc).
Next year there will be only one such workshop (2 separate days), on the topic that has been most in demand: 'How To Work When Therapy Isn't Working?'. As that workshop has not been offered in London for a while, it is likely to fill quickly.
Shelley Holland has been organising a highly successful CPD programme in Brighton for some years now, and Michael has been running his introductory workshop 'How To Work When Therapy Isn't Working?' several times. In July 2015 there will also be a new workshop on 'How to Make a Sustainable Living as a Therapist', based not on marketing skills and techniques, but on how we regulate the emotional cost and 'load' of working in an 'impossible profession'.
As every year, Michael will be teaching one of the 4 weekends per year which comprise this long-standing CPD training group - applications are now invited for next year. This is a community of practitioners, many of whom have trained in Transactional Analysis, but other humanistic approaches are also represented.
Several other events are currently being negotiated and prepared, but not included in the calendar yet. Check back or follow INTEGRA_CPD on Twitter where most of these kinds of news are announced first.

Monthly Supervision Groups with Morit Heitzler

for Complementary Therapy Practitioners

These groups for bodyworkers and other complementary therapists (osteopaths, acupuncturists, etc) have been running for several years now (monthly Saturdays in Oxford). Through the ongoing supervision of patients, Morit is making the basic principles of the therapeutic relationship - as understood and used in psychotherapy - accessible to therapists whose training rarely includes the basics of psychology and psychotherapy.

However, as most complementary therapists know, their actual day-to-day practice depends significantly on these therapeutic skills (and not only their competence in their chosen approach and discipline). From a complementary, holistic perspective the emotional, psychological and relational dimensions of the patient are obviously considered relevant in theory and in principle, but are rarely attended to as factors which impinge on how patient and therapist actually manage their work together - or not!
If you want to develop your understanding of the practitioner-patient dynamic, but don’t want to pursue a course in counselling or psychotherapy, then these groups are for you!

“Learning with Morit has had an enormous influence on my practice. Her insight reaches directly into the fundamental issues, which underpin my relationship with my patients. I leave each session feeling challenged yet wiser and more capable.”
H. Bacchus , (massage/bodyworker)

Sun. 26 Apr. 2015 - London: One-day Conference with Shaun Gallagher

This cutting-edge dialogue between the philosophy of embodied intersubjectivity (one of the most promising developments to come out of modern neuroscience and its cross-fertilisation with philosophy) and the everyday reality of embodied therapeutic practice. Book now!

Proposed Events for 2015/2016

New Body-oriented CPD Weekend Group in Exeter

3 more wekends in 2015 - see course details

This new CPD group is being organised by Judy Shaw, a senior Transactional Analysis therapist and trainer, who practises in Exeter. This will be a cross-modality integrative group, with the aim of shared learning towards a more embodied practice and personal-professional development. The cost will be around £220 per weekend (without accommodation). The group takes place at a beautiful residential centre on Dartmoor, the East Down Centre. If you are interested, please get in touch with Judy.

Group Facilitation Course (Groupleader's Training)

I have had several new requests for this project of a groupleaders' training course, so it's jumped up several places on the to-do list. What I wrote last time is still valid, i.e. there are currently more courses on offer than have been for a good few years - Nick Totton is offering a short course on group facilitation (called Grace & Chaos) over several weekends. ReVision in London are offering a year-long course. And Guy Gladstone has started a 2-year course, entitled Humanistic Alchemy, and there is a 1-year course offered by NAOS Institute.

None of these quite offer what I have in mind, in terms of on an integrative approach to groupwork, drawing specifically from psychoanalytic as well as humanistic traditions of group work, including also systemic work with constellations as well as Arnie MIndell's large group work. Also, in terms of the format of the learning, I am envisaging something more innovative: participants would learn and practice by leading the group itself, based on joint prior reflection and preparation and detailed feedback after each groupleading experience.

If this kind of course is going to happen, it would probably start in autumn 2015 (unless somebody takes it on and does the organisation for me ??), and I will need some feedback as to what would be a realistic frame and commitment for you if you were to take part. How many weekends and at what frequency? What is a manageable cost?

Body Psychotherapy Summer School

This idea has not been quite laid to rest, and Nick Totton and I are thinking about whether it is realistic to organise it together for the summer of 2015 - otherwise it might need to wait for a year until 2016.