Oxford: The most recent advances in interpersonal neurobiology (OTS CPD)

Oxford: The most recent advances in interpersonal neurobiology (OTS CPD)

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February 27, 2018 @ 19:30 – 21:30
OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre
1st Floor
142-144 Oxford Road, Temple Cowley, Oxford OX4 2EA
Justin Smith
07977 126330


Report and Review of Allan Schore’s recent presentation "The growth-promoting role of mutual regressions in deep psychotherapy"

For several decades, Allan Schore has been known as an interdisciplinary giant, bringing together neuroscience and the affective cognitive sciences with psychoanalysis as well as developmental psychology and attachment theory. Last September he promised to offer his latest thinking, and I think he delivered on that promise. In this evening, I will present a summary of his latest formulation which includes a new appreciation of spontaneous regression and a new and comprehensive neuropsychological model of dissociative and repressive defences.

In this evening workshop, suitable for therapists from across the modalities as well as associated therapeutic and helping professions,  Michael will present and critically review the model Allan Schore presented in September 2017. A graphic summarising the key elements of the model is available in this handout.

About OTS

This workshop is being offered by OTS, which was set up by Justin Smith as an initiative to de-mystify psychotherapy and counselling and make it more accessible and affordable to the wider community. OTS is unique in bringing together therapists from a broad spectrum of therapeutic approaches, working together to tailor the therapy to our client’s needs and ‘match’ clients to therapists. Our idea is to create the best fit for what is going to work best for each client and maximise the ‘quality of relationship’ (which is widely recognised as a crucial factor in making therapy work). OTS also aims to make therapy more affordable, through offering effective group therapy.




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