The processing body – integrating EMDR and Body Psychotherapy (Morit Heitzler 2008)

The processing body - integrating EMDR and Body Psychotherapy


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Broken Boundaries, Invaded Territories (Morit Heitzler 2013)

One of the most excruciating aspects of trauma is the invasion or collapse of boundaries, not just in the moment of trauma, but as lasting damage. Traumatised clients usually bring to therapy an ongoing background feeling of threat: both to physical and emotional survival and to their sense of identity. [...]

Using EMDR with Various Types of Developmental Trauma (Morit Heitzler 2011)

Complex trauma is based on underlying developmental trauma. However, developmental trauma is a very broad, non-specific category. There are several typologies and classification systems of developmental trauma available, with various degrees of usefulness to EMDR practitioners.
Having researched and assessed these different theories, in this workshop I will offer an integrative [...]

Crowded Intimacy – Engaging Multiple Enactments in Complex Trauma Work (Morit Heitzler 2010)

My aim in this paper is to introduce relational Body Psychotherapy and its relevance to working with trauma. The term 'relational' is now widely used; it has recently become fashionable and most practitioners accept that “it is the relationship that matters” (title of BACP conference 2006, London). However, what being [...]