Bodymind and Parallel Processes in Supervision (CONFER 2013)


This presentation was prepared as an introduction to a supervision masterclass organised by CONFER in January 2013. Here I spell out how bodymind principles might be applied to supervision, bringing attention to the actual non-verbal messages by which parallel process is communicated and carried from the client-therapist system [...]

The Therapist’s Embodied Presence in the Transformative Repair of Relational Breakdowns (CONFER 2012)


Enactments seem to occur suddenly, when we are caught unawares and plunged into them. But from outside the intersubjective entanglement it is apparent that they build up slowly, increasingly, over time. Before we become implicated in an obvious, explicit rupture, there have been implicit, unspoken, subliminal versions of [...]

‘Using’ the Body or Engaging with Bodymind? (CAPPP 2012)


Embodiment as a paradoxical relational process Since its origins in Freud and the zeitgeist of the late 19th century, psychotherapy has struggled with and against the limitations arising from a mind-over-body paradigm and its traditional bias towards the verbal-reflective mind. The recent fashion in neuroscience and embodiment has [...]