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The Vasomotoric Cycle (1990, old version)

The Vasomotoric Cycle (1990, old version)2017-04-07T02:56:11+00:00

Project Description

This is the oldest version of this handout, basically copied across from how the notion of the Vasomotoric Cycle was developed, understood and taught already at the Boyesen Centre since the 1970s. It was taken for granted that this was a detailed elaboration of Reich's 'charge-discharge' formula and that it corresponds to the Gestalt cycle. It is one of the most basic ideas of a body-oriented perspective, based upon Reich's idea of pulsation of the living, as the cycle involves all bodymind levels. As an impulse (whether emerging from within or triggered by an external stimulus) moves through the various bodymind levels, it ties them together in a complete expression that makes body and mind indivisible. It is a very practical and immediately observable application of Reich's holistic vision (which he himself called 'functionalism'): full, uninterrupted pulsation and completed cycles are an expression of vibrant emotional health; chronically interrupted cycles are a manifestation of character formation (or 'character armour' as Reich called it).


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