The Paradox of Enactment (2003)

The Paradox of Enactment (2003)2017-04-07T02:59:40+00:00

Project Description

The 'relational turn' is a paradigm shift into the paradoxical foundation of psychotherapy: having recognised that ""it's the relationship that matters"" in therapy, we then see that the working alliance - which holds this professional and apparently artificial and contrived relationship together - is inherently conflicted and paradoxical. This is my attempt at formulating that essential paradox. We correctly intuit that the enactment is potentially dangerous and negative, and we recognise the many mechanisms - individually and collectively - by which as therapists we are tempted to avoid awareness of the enactment. The second formulation attempts to capture the conditions which incline the enactment to become transformative of the wounding rather than a blind - and typically: destructive - replication of the wounding.


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