Soth – Extended Model of Parallel Process (2005)

Soth – Extended Model of Parallel Process (2005)2017-04-07T03:02:07+00:00

Project Description

This handout summarises the way I have extended the model of 'parallel process', so to speak: backwards: into the client's inner world, into the client's bodymind process, and into the client's past relationship scenarios. This extends the well-established version of the 'parallel process' model (as put on the map in the 1980's in the seminal book by Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet ""Supervision in the Helping Professions"") beyond the supervision and therapy matrix, to include 3 further matrices: the client's internal relational matrix, their bodymind matrix and their past relationship matrix. Parallel processes run up and down the ladder of these matrices, and provide multiple levels of charge to which we can bring focus and awareness (both in supervision and in therapy). This is why I think of parallel process as a relational organising principle for 21st century psychotherapy & supervision, providing an integral-systemic-fractal relational perspective (or what I call in short: the Fractal Self perspective).


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