A Response to the Claims of the ‘Human Givens’ Approach (2010)

A Response to the Claims of the ‘Human Givens’ Approach (2010)2017-04-07T02:54:37+00:00

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This letter, published in 'Therapy Today' under the title 'Boastful Claims', was a response to an earlier article by Julia Bueno, on 'The Rise of Human Givens'. I am suggesting that as a relatively recent approach, Human Givens is not sufficiently aware of its antecedents and - without appreciating the giants on whose shoulders we have the benfit of standing, as well as the deeper wisdom inherent in the plurality of the field - is liable to repeat some of the inflated claims and errors which were wide-spread at the origins of many humanistic therapies. Whilst humanistic approaches have spent decades coming to terms with these issues, Human Givens is presenting itself as capable of providing an over-arching 'organising principle' and subsume the rest of the field under its superior approach.


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