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Different Paradigms of Embodiment Work in Relation to Character (2014)

Different Paradigms of Embodiment Work in Relation to Character (2014)2017-04-07T03:03:36+00:00

Project Description

This handout is a summary of a flip chart for Integration Training (summarising the transcript of my talk on the history and theory of embodiment work). Different types of embodiment of work can be differentiated by how they position themselves in relation to the client's character. Any kind of instructional awareness or mindfulness exercise will have to be received and followed by the client's ego, and will therefore have a tendency to be applied within the established personality structure. Any such practice will eventually have to come up against the habitual bodymind limitations imposed by character. The question then is: what kind of practice can engage with, challenge and transcend character? I proposed that at that point the teacher/therapist/coach will have to become relationally engaged, rather than taking a fixed teacher position.


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