An Integrative Triangle: Freud, Reich and Jung (1994)


Incomplete notes for a paper given at the UKAPI Conference 2001, suggesting that Freud, Jung and Reich can be seen as championing in some respects three mutually exclusive, but actually complementary perspectives, each with its own blessings and shadow aspects. By understanding these forefathers of our traditions as [...]

An Integrative Perspective on Two-Chair Work (1993)


This is a paper written initially as a summary hand-out for my workshops on 'Working with Dialogue / Two-Chair Work', I have been working on a much longer version over the years, leading towards a manual for this therapeutic tool that covers both theory and technique. By [...]

The Gulf in ‘me’ (1992)


Subtitled "A psychotherapist's view of the Gulf War", this was an attempt at formulating some principles of personal-political engagement and to contribute a psychological dimension to the political debate, by finding the global leaders within our own dreams and 'inner world', as well as seeing political figures as [...]