Bristol: Intro-Day for Body-oriented CPD Weekend Group 2016

Last introductory day for series of CPD weekends 2016

Bristol: Intro-Day for Body-oriented CPD Weekend Group 2016

February 14, 2016 @ 10:00 – 17:00
Fulcrum House
Grove Road
Bristol, City of Bristol BS6 6UJ
Judy Shaw
Bristol: Intro-Day for Body-oriented CPD Weekend Group 2016 @ Fulcrum House | Bristol | United Kingdom

Your current everyday practice: between ‘talking therapy’ and beyond

This is the second of two introductory days for an ongoing group that is forming for 4 weekends during 2016 (to be held in Exeter, with Nick Totton & Michael Soth). This particular day (14 Feb. 2016 with Michael) can, of course, also be taken on its own.

The topic for the day “Your current everyday practice: between ‘talking therapy’ and beyond” offers a space to reflect on your current practice, in terms of the tension between verbal and non-verbal interaction, and to explore how in your work you use your 'implicit relational knowing' (which is a term used by the well-known Boston Change Study Group), and how that then translates into your responses and interventions.

A useful distinction in terms of the therapist's internal process is between perceptions, understandings and interventions - three aspects which interweave in our stream of consciousness when we are working. We can enquire how these three processes hang together, how your awareness of body and mind - the client's and your own - feeds into this, and how your responses emerge out of your perceptions and understandings, in the wider context of your modality and theoretical framework.

This day will not introduce new ways of working, but is an opportunity to explore and reflect on the bodymind process of your current practice within your established modality. The potential of extending and expanding your practice and presence through embodied and relational perspectives will be addressed in the ongoing course.

Exeter: Body-oriented CPD Weekend Group 2016

with Nick Totton & Michael

This series of weekend workshops, designed for counsellors and psychotherapists from across the approaches, are an opportunity to work with and learn from two of the most experienced trainers at the forefront of bringing embodiment into psychotherapy.
Rather than grafting the body onto established practice as one more eclectic technique, Nick and Michael have been working towards a non-dualistic embodied way of being and relating in the therapeutic relationship.
This series of CPD training events provides an ideal container for your continuing professional development, rooted in your own embodied process.

For full details regarding this unique venture in Britain's Southwest, see the dedicated page: Exeter: Body-oriented CPD Weekend Group 2016.

It is likely that the group will continue in 2017 with another series of four weekends.

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