Relational Psychotherapy – praises and pitfalls

Relational Psychotherapy – praises and pitfalls

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February 15, 2015 @ 12:30 – 17:00
Westminster University
University of Westminster
309 Regent Street, Marylebone, London W1B 2HW

Webcast and live event

Sunday, 15 February 2015 from 12:30 to 17:00

This exciting online and offline programme is produced in partnership with the International Association of Relational Transactional Analysis (IARTA) and CPD provider Psychotherapy Excellence (PE). Using PE’s webcasting platform, we will continue our interrogation of relational concepts by exploring the “praises and pitfalls” of relational psychotherapy. This will be done through 9 hours of webcasts with great relational thinkers, followed by a live event hosted by TRS, IARTA and PE with some of the speakers and others to work through the themes from the webcasts.
Webcast speakers include: Carmen Ablack, Aaron Balick, Jessica Benjamin, Maria Gilbert, Helena Hargaden, Susie Orbach, Phil Ringstrom, Andrew Samuels, Michael Soth, moderated by Tom Warnecke.
Webcasts can be watched at your leisure from home, or downloaded as podcasts — there are also transcripts for each webcast and a reference list available to subscribers. The webcasts are a prerequisite for the live event, as we will be discussing and working through the themes that arise in the webcast themselves.
Speakers on the day will include Helena Hargaden, Andrew Samuels, Charlotte Sills, Michael Soth, Tom Warnecke (who did all the interviews), Aaron Balick and others – with small groups facilitated by TRS and IARTA.

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