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Subscribe to posts on Organisational Development and Leadership Development

Subscribe to posts on Organisational Development and Leadership Development

Have you seen my recent blog postings “Different types of embodiment work”?
I was surprised by the responses I received: as the content of the original talk was quite specialised, I assumed that it would have mainly been of interest to coaches and therapists who already work in an embodied way. Instead, what I have had are lots of responses from people interested in leadership development, organisations and business.
In order to respond to some of the questions I received (and rather than laboriously cooking something up from scratch which would cover the same ground), I found these quite copious notes which I prepared for a conference in 2008 with the theme “Body, Brain and Business”.

Originally entitled: “How the brain-bodymind revolution will affect business and leadership development” (2008), I’ll be updating and publishing these notes in a sequence of blog entries, working towards the idea of an organisation as a network of evolving multi-dimensional multiple consciousnesses. Increasingly, the main task of the (sustainable) leader will need to shift from the charismatic provider of the organisational vision to an integral facilitator of the organisation’s consciousness evolution (which, by implication, requires an embodied perspective and stance).

The main idea that is helpful in inhabiting this role and task is ‘parallel process’ (in the way that I have elaborated it over recent years in terms of what I call the ‘fractal self’).

Following the group-dynamic principle that the group expresses the unconscious of the leader, we can recognise parallels between the leader’s internal world and the organisational culture: the leader’s intrapsychic bodymind matrix of multiple consciousnesses is reflected in the synergy (or lack of it) of consciousnesses throughout the organisation. The embodied leader and the learning organisation are only the very beginnings of this paradigm-shifting new trend.

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