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12 tweet summary: Mindfulness – Mindlessness – Bodymind Fullness

12 tweet summary: Mindfulness – Mindlessness – Bodymind Fullness

Mindfulness is in fashion – in therapy, business, health. But its promise is already flagging, people are becoming disenchanted with it.

It’s not surprising that mindfulness has turned into another fad & can’t possibly live up to people’s desperate expectations & idealisations.

Westerners are in grave danger of misreading the Eastern teachings on mindfulness through the legacies of our dualistic, religious heritage.

Mindfulness can plug into our established dissociation between mind & body, exacerbating the crippling dominance of the mind over the body.

In our entrancement with the supposedly superior mind we miss the fact that the Eastern aim of mindfulness is to TRANSCEND the mind.

Mindless-ness is considered deeper than mindfulness. It is this effortless state which gives the effort of mindfulness practice its purpose.

In a culture rampant with addictive mindlessness, it is difficult to get our heads around the possible benefits of mindless-ness.

The dissociative mis-uses of mindfulness techniques exacerbate delusions of mental control which fortunately/unfortunately always backfire.

A potentially deeper and more challenging, but infinitely more satisfying version of mindfulness can occur only within ‘bodymind fullness’.

What kind of psychology (un-psychology) will help to establish that ‘bodymind fullness’ without which mindfulness cannot flower?

What kind of techniques (un-techniques) are effective in walking the knife-edge between mindfulness and mindlessness?

Want to participate in a workshop that experientially explores ‘mindfulness’ versus ‘mindlessness’ versus ‘bodymind fullness’?

Read the full blog post or Get in touch to register your interest!

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