The Impossible Profession

1. Continuing Development in an ‘impossible profession’?

The more I am developing, the more impossible it gets? When counselling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and associated disciplines are called 'impossible professions', this is often understood as a tongue-in-cheek conversational quip, a collective exclamation of mock exasperation: "What can you do? It's impossible!" - and then we continue as before. But I have come to think [...]

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2. In an impossible profession, the therapist NEEDS to fail

In an impossible profession, the therapist needs to fail In the last entry, I suggested that psychotherapy's depth, impact and effectiveness would increase dramatically, if we took the notion of the 'impossible profession' not as a quip, but as an essential reality - as the paradoxical foundation of our work. Today - without yet delving [...]

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3. How do we further continuing development in an ‘impossible profession’?

How do we further continuing development in an 'impossible profession'? In the last two entries, I described the crisis point in professional development that therapists can experience when they are getting in touch with the inherent impossibility of the therapeutic endeavour, and how wrapped up this can become with a disturbing sense of professional failure [...]

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