Bi-monthly Supervision & Personal-Professional Development Group

Bi-monthly Supervision & Personal-Professional Development Group

Bi-monthly Supervision & Personal-Professional Development Group

An integrative, experiential CPD group for experienced therapists (12+ years) with Michael Soth

meeting bi-monthly on Tuesdays on Zoom (11.00 – 17.30)

maximum 8 participants - currently 7 

Purpose and scope of group

This group is open to experienced counsellors and psychotherapists from different therapeutic approaches, orientations and trainings. It is an ongoing integrative group, meeting 6 times per year, and it has been running since 2015 in varying configurations and with various members.

There is an established group dynamic and cohesion, and as new participants join, you, me and the existing group would have to work with how you would fit into that to develop a new shape and a new group.

Participants (1 more place potentially available from April 2023, two from September 2023)

Three participants have been with the group since the beginning (all three are experienced TA therapists). Two embodied-relational therapists joined a couple of years ago. Other members have been from various modalities, including Gestalt, transpersonal, Core Process. There is a solid emphasis on the relational dynamic between client and therapist, including transference, countertransference and enactments.

Currently we have one man and six women, so potential male participants are especially welcome.

Format and ways of working

The idea is for the work of the group to be grounded in clinical experience and to have a solid supervision element, but to include additional reflections and theoretical input arising from the process - this will be from an integral-relational perspective, but always stay relevant and applicable to your own style and modality. Working with the general notion of the 'reflective practitioner', we will try to integrate individual and group process as well as experiential and theoretical learning and clinical reflection.

I will attempt to make explicit and accessible some of my internal process and working models as a supervisor and group facilitator, including hand-outs and references, depending on your individual learning needs and development goals as a person and as a therapist.

The way the group has developed over recent years has been to increasingly include participants’ own process, and how that shapes their therapeutic position as well as their impact on the group dynamic and the relationships we have with each other. So there is a considerable degree of self-disclosure and corresponding emotional intensity between group members, and anybody joining the group would probably need to be curious about and open to that kind of engagement.


The times are established and fixed (bi-monthly Tuesdays 10.00 – 16.30 on Zoom), but apart from that the group is open to the needs and interests of further participants.

For more detailed information about the background, format and content of the group, download the leaflet.

If you are interested in joining this group, an interview with Michael is required. You can contact him on: or 07929208217.


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