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What’s my book going to be about?

Many of you know that I am planning to take off the spring term of 2017 in order to start writing a book. There are several books I have in my mind which I think deserve to be written[1]. But as I have previously struggled when writing longer pieces like that, for my first book [...]

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‘In Therapy’ with Susie Orbach (radio series on Channel 4)

Listen to 'In Therapy' with Susie Orbach: 5 episodes (15 minutes each) "Psychotherapist Susie Orbach explores the private relationship between therapist and patient. We join Susie in her consulting room, where she meets a different client each day.   All of the clients are played by actors, but these are not scripted scenes. Each client [...]

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Visionary psychoanalyst Harold Searles has died

Harold Searles has died - see obituary and commentaries on this visionary psychoanalyst. There is also a piece of writing by a psychoanalyst who herself was in analysis with Searles, and describes it in glowing terms, revealing both the limitations of the sub-cultural context of the discipline at the time as well as glimpses of [...]

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Sneak Preview: The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy & Somatic Psychology

Edited by Gustl Marlock and Halko Weiss with Courtenay Young and Michael Soth This global Handbook of Body Psychotherapy has been many years in the making,  and is now due to be published in December 2015. You can get a 30% discount ($69.99 rather than $99.99) by ordering that book directly from North Atlantic Books.  I spent [...]

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Adrienne Margarian: Working with Somatic Countertransference, a Cross-Cultural perspective

PsycheVisual presents Video by Adrienne Margarian on Somatic Countertransference In this short video extract from her lecture, Adrienne Margarian summarises her thinking on somatic countertransference, refers to her research and gives a couple of clinical examples. A significant aspect of her research is the cross-cultural dimension -  she confirms that somatic countertransference this significant in different cultural contexts,  both [...]

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Interview 2 for Psychotherapy Excellence webcast series

A series of 10 interviews by Psychotherapy Excellence - Interview 2: How Does Psychotherapy Work? Last Monday I completed the second in the Psychotherapy Excellence series of interviews, with Tom Warnecke, on the topic of how psychotherapy works. This is building on the first interview on the question “What is Psychotherapy?” some months ago. The [...]

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Political attitudes to mental health are harming patients and staff

from: Healthcare Professionals Network | Guardian Professional: We have become ever more used to hearing reports of a failing NHS in recent years. The NHS is becoming ever more politicised, and with it there are unseen and often unpredicted consequences for patients. While this makes providing compassionate and appropriate care more difficult across the [...]

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The latest INTEGRA newsletter (Sep. 2014)

This newsletter update is mainly to inform you about the proposed purpose and format of our online enquiry, but it also includes a reminder about a CPD event I am helping prepare which is not to be missed: a 1-day conference with philosopher Shaun Gallagher. To subscribe to future newsletters, join our mailing list.   [...]

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Welcome to our new INTEGRA CPD website

Finally, after about 9 months' work since our wonderful WordPress webdesigner finalised the basic framework, the new site is ready to launch. We are very happy with it for now, although some options are not implemented yet. At last, all the resources are in one place, and they are easily accessible and it is fairly [...]

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Opening the ‘doors of perception’ – integrating Jungian and body-oriented traditions

Preparing a workshop for a new group or organisation that I have not worked with before can be useful, taking me back to first principles. On Saturday I will be running an experiential workshop for the foundation year of the Society of Analytical Psychology. Here is the workshop description I came up with and the [...]

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Highly recommended interviews with psychoanalytic authors (free audio)

New Books in Psychoanalysis are making available 1-hour long interviews with writers and scholars on their recently published books. Adam Phillips, “Becoming Freud: The Making of a Psychoanalyst” (Yale UP, 2014) Steven Kuchuck, ed., “Clinical Implications of the Psychoanalyst’s Life Experience” (Routledge, 2013) R. D. Hinshelwood, “Research on the Couch: Single-Case Studies, Subjectivity and Psychoanalytic [...]

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What are Therapists Looking for in their CPD Training?

We are hearing therapists becoming frustrated and disenchanted with the current CPD culture in the profession: repetitive input, endless lectures, overly theoretical PowerPoints and discussions. We will organise a mini-survey soon, to establish some facts on this. In contrast: just had some properly evaluated feedback from recent workshop in Brighton - have a look here [...]

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Body Psychotherapy and the Body in Supervision – Interview for CONFER (2013)

In this interview, Jane Ryan from CONFER was asking Michael about Body Psychotherapy, the role of the body in our emotional lives, and the body in supervision.There are also interviews - on the same page - with Michael’s colleagues Margaret Landale and Nick Totton. Here is the link: This interview is in preparation for [...]

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Interview with Michael: “The Relational Turn in Body Psychotherapy”

In this interview, Nancy Eichhorn was asking about Michael’s background and contribution to the Relational Body Psychotherapy Panel at the EABP/CABP International Conference coming up in September 2012 in Cambridge. Here are some headlines from the content of the interview: Do we have a shared understanding of what we mean by ‘relational’? Relational Body Psychotherapy [...]

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Jungian Analyst James Hollis: Creating a Life: Finding Your Individual Path (2000)

To those of us in mid-life, James Hollis has written several relevant and highly recommended books (see list below). This is from the back cover of his book "Creating a Life: Finding Your Individual Path" (2000) Were therapists required by “truth in advertising” legislation to tell their reality, then virtually no one would enter therapy. [...]

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