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CPD Tutorials

Tutorials, blog posts, discussions covering the basic principles of 21st-century counselling and psychotherapy, i.e. integrative, embodied, relational, systemic, integral perspectives.

What is the role of transference in trauma work?

As we are just planning and thinking about Morit’s forthcoming CPD workshops on integrative trauma therapy, this topic is currently at the forefront of our minds, so I'm sharing it with you. There is a wide spectrum of opinion as to what role working with the transference plays in trauma work. I believe that the [...]

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How does psychotherapy work? – laying the groundwork in 100 daily tweets!

Following on from Interview 2 with Tom Warnecke for Psychotherapy Excellence, as it was fresh on my mind, I have written a sequence of 100 bullet points on the question "How does psychotherapy work?" - follow me on Twitter (@INTEGRA_CPD) to catch the whole series, one every day ... The bullet points are not yet [...]

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12 tweet summary: Mindfulness – Mindlessness – Bodymind Fullness

Mindfulness is in fashion – in therapy, business, health. But its promise is already flagging, people are becoming disenchanted with it. It’s not surprising that mindfulness has turned into another fad & can’t possibly live up to people’s desperate expectations & idealisations. Westerners are in grave danger of misreading the Eastern teachings on mindfulness through [...]

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