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The aim of INTEGRA CPD is to develop a comprehensive cutting-edge programme for continuing professional development, in collaboration with practitioners like yourself and in response to your evolving needs and feedback – a programme of workshops and courses that is based on a broad-spectrum integration of all the therapeutic approaches and on embodied, relational and integral principles.

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How do we make our CPD learning impactful and relevant to our everyday practice? Should our own further development not be informed by the same therapeutic principles which underpin our work? In therapy as in teaching therapy, we aim to 'walk our talk' by focussing on the learning process rather than only the content - creating safe, creative and stimulating learning environments, suited to the variety of learning styles that therapists bring to the group. Our CPD workshops emphasise experiential engagement and the mind-body connection, integrating professional competence with personal process and self-awareness, combining left- and right-brain learning that translates directly into practice.

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In our own work, we are aiming at an integration that draws on the theories, wisdom and gifts of all the therapeutic approaches. We welcome and attract therapists from across the modalities who find inspiration and challenge in the cross-fertilisation between different schools and orientations. You can read more about the main principles of our approach which can be summarised as: full-spectrum integrative - embodied/bodymind connection - relational - informed by modern neuroscience - systemic/multi-dimensional/integral - rooted in the 'Wounded Healer' - embracing uncertainty, conflict and paradox.

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Places becoming available: London, Ealing – Ongoing Professional Development Group for Experienced Therapists

Some places are becoming available in this ongoing cross-modality CPD group, meeting in Ealing, London for 3 weekends per year, building an integrative community of practitioners. Next dates for 2020-2021:

Dates in 2020: 28 & 29 March,  4 & 5 July, 10 & 11 October -

Dates in 2021: 20 & 21 March, 19 & 20 June, 2 & 3 October

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Do not take our word for it! Want to know what our events are like?

Depending on topic, aims and group composition, our CPD events maximise experiential, embodied learning through engaging all aspects of your personal-professional being as a reflective practitioner. It's usually a fluid integration of individual and group process, supervision of client examples, skills practice in pairs and small groups, fish bowls in the middle of the group including demonstration sessions, plus theory and discussion. Michael has evolved a particular way of participants bringing significant vignettes of client-therapist interactions, and using two-chair work and embodied role-play to access the non-verbal aspects of the interaction. Have a look at what other participants are saying:

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Book now for unique CPD coming up in May 2020:

"Oxford: Mastering the Creative Therapeutic Technique of Two-chair Work"

The last time Michael offered these special workshops was a few years ago, in 2015, and they are unlikely to be offered again in the near future. By attending all five days, most participants will significantly enhance their understanding and confidence in using this creative therapeutic technique. By focusing on the recurring problems and pitfalls that regularly arise when therapists try to use the technique, and developing an understanding why they are bound to arise, you will feel a whole lot more prepared to tackle them creatively, allowing you to use the technique in more elegant and effective ways.

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This website is designed to address the continuing professional development (CPD) needs of counsellors, psychotherapists and therapeutic practitioners in general. If you are looking for a therapist, or want to work individually with one of us, please see the following websites:

Oxford Counselling and Psychotherapy

Michael has been running an Oxford-based referral service for about 28 years, helping you find the 'right' therapy for you. Assessment and referral sessions take place in West Oxford, and are primarily oriented towards Oxfordshire, but referrals and recommendations can also be made in London, occasionally nationwide and sometimes internationally.

Michael Soth

To work with Michael individually in Oxford, please use the contact form to e-mail him. He offers short and long-term individual and couple  psychotherapy, as well as individual supervision for therapeutic practitioners, coaches and consultants. He currently maintains a waiting list and is usually unable to take anybody on within less than six months.

OTS - Oxfordshire Therapy & Self-Development Centres

Michael is a founding member and director of this Oxfordshire-wide organisation that has dedicated itself to making counselling and psychotherapy more available, accessible and affordable to the general public, by offering a broad-spectrum diversity of approaches and practitioners, and matching clients to therapists to generate maximum engagement and effectiveness through prioritising 'quality of relationship' between client and therapist, the most significant factor for good outcomes in therapy. Michael is training director for OTS, supporting the continuing professional development of the community of practitioners.

All published articles & papers / presentations / hand-outs & teaching materials

You can now find all our writing, a list of all presentations (many of them available as pdf's) and all Michael's hand-outs in our new Resources section of this site.

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Since June 2013 Michael has been publishing a blog at Psychotherapy Excellence - the UK's national portal for CPD - on the dilemmas of continuing professional development in the 'impossible profession'. To make it easier for you to follow the sequence of entries (as they are really meant to build on each other step-by-step), he has created a dedicated blog site. If you have missed any of the entries, having them all in one place like that will make it easy to catch up. Here is the link:
The Impossible Profession: Counselling & Psychotherapy

Michael has been interviewed several times now for webcasts on various topics, including 'What is psychotherapy?' (see preview) and 'The embodied phenomenology of enactment' (see preview). You can find these webcasts, which feature interviews with many other well-known therapists, on sale at: Psychotherapy Excellence.

INTEGRA CPD - Trainers

Michael Soth
Michael SothIntegral-Relational Body Psychotherapist
Michael is an Oxford-based integral-relational Body Psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor, with more than 32 years' experience of practising from an integrative perspective. He was Training Director at the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy for nearly 20 years, and has been involved with teaching counselling and psychotherapy since 1986.
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