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Level 6 – Supervision Diploma: Becoming an integrative supervisor

based upon broad-spectrum integrative - embodied - relational – systemic principles Would you want a qualification (CPCAB accredited), or just the learning through participating in a course? Because of its unique integrative-embodied-relational perspective, this course would also be of interest to supervisors who are already qualified and practising. TherapyWorks Pakistan is organising an online supervision [...]

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The Client’s Conflict becomes the Therapist’s Conflict – CPD workshop in Oxford 19 Jan 2019

How to spot it and what to do next - a step-by-step recipe book (for processing the therapist’s dilemmas) A CPD day in Oxford - 19th January 2019 After the OTS training day we had in Oxford on September 16th (on ‘Relational Dilemmas of First Sessions and Initial Assessments') we have had several enquiries and [...]

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Bristol Monthly Small Supervision Groups

Integrative, experiential supervision groups with Michael Soth These small supervision groups run on a regular monthly basis (Tuesdays) at Fulcrum House in Bristol. There are three groups with 4 participants each during each Tuesday (11.20-13.20; 13.30-15.30; 15.45-17.45). Currently all three groups are full and no places are likely to become available - there is [...]

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London: bi-monthly Advanced Supervision Group for Experienced Therapists

This group (maximum 7 participants, meeting once every 2 months on a Tuesday in Hendon, North London 10:15 to 16:45) originally organised by Eamonn Marshall, has been running since 2014, meeting 6 times per year, in varying configurations and with various members. There is obviously an established group dynamic and cohesion, and new participants would [...]

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Oxford bi-monthly Supervision & Personal-Professional Development Group

meeting bi-monthly on Tuesdays in West Oxford (10.00 – 16.30) maximum 7 participants - currently closed Purpose and scope of group This advanced group is open to experienced counsellors and psychotherapists from different therapeutic approaches, orientations and trainings. It is an ongoing integrative group, meeting 6 times per year, and it has been [...]

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Exeter: Body-oriented CPD Weekend Group 2019-2020 with Michael Soth

These weekend CPD events, initiated in 2016 by experienced TA therapist Judy Shaw near Exeter in Devon, with a view to forming an ongoing group, provide an ideal container for your continuing professional development, rooted in your own embodied process. The residential weekend format allows for a safer, more cohesive group experience than ordinary CPD [...]

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Gathering the fragments (2018)

I have been using the phrase 'gathering the fragments of the enactment' for many years, and many of you have asked me to give more detail - here finally is 'another fragment'. I'm grateful to the students on my recent teaching touring in Pakistan, as well as all the tutors and assistants present, who [...]

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Sustainable practice in the ‘impossible profession’? – Interview with Michael Soth

An interview with Michael in preparation of this CPD workshop "Sustainable practice in the 'impossible profession'?" organised by the Wimbledon Guild Your workshop "Sustainable practice in the ‘impossible profession’?" is unique in its concept, what led you to its creation? There are two separate but linked recognitions which inspired the workshop, and the 2017 article [...]

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Integrative Trauma Therapy – CPD Workshops in Oxford with Morit Heitzler 2018

in Oxford with Morit Heitzler integrative - embodied - relational trauma therapy for counsellors and therapists working with trauma (suitable for practitioners from across all therapeutic approaches) If some of your trauma clients show resistance, manifest stuckness or get caught in hidden dissociation or re-traumatisation dynamics, or you encounter unexpected ruptures, impasses or enactments, these workshops are for [...]

Report & Review – Allan Schore: “The growth-promoting role of mutual regressions in deep psychotherapy”

On 23 September 2017 I attended the CPD day (6-hour PowerPoint lecture) "On the growth-promoting role of mutual regressions in deep psychotherapy" (organised by nscience in London) because Allan Schore was promising to offer his latest thinking, and I think he delivered on that promise: he offered some genuine paradigm-shifting ideas and principles. [...]

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Allowing ourselves to be constructed and the enactment of the bad object

A blog post written in preparation for a CPD workshop in Oxford on 4 March 2018 How safe does the therapeutic space need to be? In our attempts to create a safe, empathic and accepting environment for the client in which they can afford to feel open, undefended and vulnerable, we provide a therapeutic presence [...]

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OTS-Oxford: Couple Workshop Series 2018

This series of evenings and day workshops is designed to give space to you as a couple. We invite you to invest in your relationship. In our culture that’s a rare opportunity – normally we expect ourselves to just get on, by virtue of being supposedly loving, cooperative, committed adults. But that’s an unrealistic, [...]

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OTS-Oxford: Public Workshop Series 2018 – All About Therapy …

A series of open evenings (conversations as well as question and answer sessions) to help you find your way through the maze of the psychological therapies The psychological therapies are a minefield, and very confusing for the layperson. What are the differences between psychology, CBT, counselling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis (and many, many others)? Even the [...]

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Exeter: Body-oriented CPD Weekend Group 2018 with Nick Totton & Michael

This weekend CPD group, organised by experienced TA therapist Judy Shaw in Devon around Exeter, will run over 5 weekends during 2018, with 2 weekends led by Nick Totton and 2 by Michael Soth. The weekends will take place at Judy's place in Offwell near Honiton. Dates for 2018 March 17/18: Nick & Michael together [...]

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Pakistan: TherapyWorks Level V Diploma – Psychotherapy Integration

  Starts 5 February 2018 in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad The aim of the course is to work towards a comprehensive map of the field and develop a relational meta-position that integrates the whole broad range of approaches. This can help us evolve beyond a merely eclectic stance which picks and chooses pragmatically or [...]

Integrative Trauma Therapy – CPD Workshops in Oxford with Morit Heitzler 2016/17

CPD Training Days with Morit Heitzler These workshops are designed for practising counsellors and therapists who have some previous training and experience with trauma work. They might best be described as 'intermediate' workshops, for therapists who have completed basic training in one of the modern trauma therapies: Somatic Trauma Therapy (Babette Rothschild), Somatic Experiencing [...]

The Findings of the Tavistock Adult Depression Study (TADS) – CPD event with Psychoanalyst David Taylor

The Tavistock Adult Depression Study has produced good evidence about the value of psychoanalytic psychotherapy for patients with chronic treatment-resistant depressions - a significant mental disorder. For those who believe in psycho-analysis, to submit it to an RCT can seem like the kind of trial that Kierkegaard saw in the Old Testament story of Abraham’s [...]

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