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What We Offer

What We Offer2017-04-08T13:21:18+00:00

Developing embodied and relational

therapeutic skills, presence and authority


In collaboration with practitioners like yourself, we are developing a comprehensive cutting-edge CPD programme for counsellors and psychotherapists.
Initiated by Morit Heitzler and Michael Soth, INTEGRA CPD builds upon and brings together in one place the many workshops, courses and CPD events we have been involved with for many years.

We offer you professional training courses and events that will:

  • Deepen and broaden your practice so it becomes more integrative, inclusive and comprehensive - making it more effective, sustainable and satisfying
  • Help you evolve and extend your own unique therapeutic style and approach
  • Further enhance your perceptive, intuitive, reflective and communicative skills
  • Integrate the best of a uniquely broad spectrum of theories and approaches
  • Make cutting-edge developments in the field available and accessible to you
  • Allow you to become more spontaneous and creative in your practice
  • Give you plenty of experiential growth opportunities, in order to...
    • Further develop your own relational sensitivity, availability and presence
    • Help you become more embodied, as a person and as a practitioner
    • Allow you to experiment with your ‘habitual position’ as a therapist
    • Inhabit more fully your therapeutic authority, through embracing aspects of the ‘wounded healer’ within you
Read more about the learning process on our events >>

In response to your evolving needs and feedback, we are creating CPD events that are based on:

  • a broad-spectrum integration of all the therapeutic approaches
  • re-visioning psychology through the body-mind connection and embodiment
  • a multi-dimensional integration of all relational modalities
  • integral, systemic and complexity perspectives and modern neuroscience
  • appreciation of uncertainty, conflict and paradox as essential to therapy
  • embracing the archetype of the ‘wounded healer’
  • experiential whole-person learning, relevant to your everyday practice
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INTEGRA CPD is our passion and commitment to your practice, to your therapeutic approach and style, and to your development needs and learning goals