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Welcome to our new INTEGRA CPD website

Welcome to our new INTEGRA CPD website

Finally, after about 9 months' work since our wonderful WordPress webdesigner finalised the basic framework, the new site is ready to launch. We are very happy with it for now, although some options are not implemented yet. At last, all the resources are in one place, and they are easily accessible and it is fairly easy and straightforward to maintain them and add new ones. The same applies to new events.

We are keen to receive your feedback, whether the site is working for you. Please do alert us to any errors or functions that are not working as they should. We are expecting that for the firt few months we will be ironing out minor glitches.

On this site you will now find all our information related to the Continuing Professional Development of counsellors and psychotherapists.

Now that the basic framework is in place, you can expect more materials to become available regularly - connect with us via Facebook and Twitter to stay updated (and please do LIKE us whilst you're at it).

The future programme will be evolving in response to your input and feedback - do let us know your learning needs and development priorities. If you have not been to one of our workshops, you can find out more about our approach to experiential learning.

Read more: What's available on this site >>
We have a comprehensive calendar comprising all the CPD workshops, events and ongoing groups we are running, easily accessible in different viewing formats. The listing shows all events that are open to counsellors and psychotherapists from across the approaches and modalities (it excludes most closed groups or those workshops we are scheduled to run for organisations).
Second, most of our resource materials - writings and presentations as well as workshop handouts - are now available here, well-organised and easily accessible. For now these collections are not yet complete - some papers, presentations and hand-outs are still missing. And audio, video as well as recommended books, links and other materials are still to come - that's a bigger job for the summer.

For the first few months these resources will be freely available, later we may restrict access to subscribers/members of the site.
You are welcome to use and distribute these materials, as long as you reference them and observe the copyright, by keeping copyright details visible.

Until we implement the blogs fully on this site, you now have easy access to them in one place.
We have a track record of facilitating CPD events in such a way that they make a profound impact on your practice and your process. We have put together a page of feedback and testimonials from participants on our previous workshops and courses.



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