The Diamond Model of Clarkson’s 5 Modalities of the Therapeutic Relationship (2014)


Whilst psychotherapy integration has been one of the most necessary, creative and productive developments in our field over the last 20 years, 'integrative' is in danger of becoming another meaningless sound-bite. What does our integration include, and what doesn't it? What holds it together? How broad and deep [...]

Enactment as a Central Principle of Relational Therapy (BACP 2008)


Relational' is in danger of becoming another buzz-word, and this presentation is an attempt to formulate the substance, the essential principles of the relational paradigm shift. Theory is meant to support and enrich our practice rather than directing and legislating for it, by drawing our attention to what [...]

Clarkson’s 5 Modalities of the Therapeutic Relationship – extended to 7 (1998)


This is my own version of the extension of 5 modalities to 7, to include 'medical model' relating and archetypal relating (based upon Hillman's 'The Myth of Analysis'). Other therapists have suggested the intercultural level of relating as a 6th modality. This makes some sense (as cross-cultural relatedness [...]

Petruska Clarkson’s ‘Five Modalities of the Therapeutic Relationship’ (1995)


This handout is a simple summary in table form of the modalities of the therapeutic relationship, as initially formulated by Petruska Clarkson in her seminal 1991 paper: ""Clarkson, P (1991) A Multiplicity of Psychotherapeutic Relationships, in British Journal of Psychotherapy, 7: 2"". This was later elaborated in her [...]