Levels of BodyMind – BODY – EMOTION – IMAGINATION – MIND – INTUITION (1995)2017-04-07T02:57:52+00:00

Project Description

This handout is an attempt to appreciate the many subtleties and layers we can distinguish in terms of bodymind process, reaching from the most basic physiological via the emotional, imaginal and mental toward intuition. We can think of these levels as multiple intelligences, or different kinds of consciousness. For wholeness and integration to occur and be experienced, all of these levels need to work together and be sufficiently integrated. The most simple formula is BODY - EMOTION - MIND, but in this handout I expand this to BODY - EMOTION - IMAGINATION - MIND - INTUITION, giving us a broad spectrum of processes that we can recognise as occurring in both client and therapist. This then gives us a multitude of perceptions and data every second, much of it being communicated subliminally, nonverbally. How these levels hang together, link up and communicate with each other, constitutes the basic dynamics of bodymind process.


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