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Enactment as a Central Principle of Relational Therapy (BACP 2008)

Enactment as a Central Principle of Relational Therapy (BACP 2008)2017-04-07T19:07:19+00:00

Project Description

Relational' is in danger of becoming another buzz-word, and this presentation is an attempt to formulate the substance, the essential principles of the relational paradigm shift. Theory is meant to support and enrich our practice rather than directing and legislating for it, by drawing our attention to what has been right under our noses all along. 'Enactment' is such a phenomenon which has been part of therapy all along, but has only been recognised and defined in the last decades. It is commonplace these days that all counsellors and therapists do indeed 'relate' to their clients and that therapy is indeed a 'relationship'. Beyond this simple given, which can be interpreted through the lens of almost every approach without any modification of its traditional assumptions, relational theory tries to establish a more precise and substantial phenomenology of what happens in a therapeutic relationship (including its dangers, impasses and counter-therapeutic dynamics), and I try to establish a holistic rather than dualistic version, by formulating 'enactment' as a bodymind process.


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