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The Wounding and the Wounded Healer (CONFER 2013)

The Wounding and the Wounded Healer (CONFER 2013)2017-04-07T19:07:25+00:00

Project Description

Whatever therapeutic or philosophical language we use to become aware of, reflect on and articulate our own wounds - developmental, characterological, systemic or archetypal, for example - each tradition we train in and subscribe to has its own wounds. These reach back to our therapeutic ancestors and the conflicts and splits between them – as people and as therapists and as writers/thinkers, and how they were wounded by each other. Whatever our position within the field, chances are that we have inherited an ambivalent and partial stance in relation to our woundedness, helpful, healing and revealing in some ways, exacerbating and occluding in others. Michael will bring an integrative, relational and embodied perspective to our woundedness and the protection mechanisms and dissociations we take refuge in. An integrative perspective can help us become aware how the therapeutic field reflects the psyche of both its clients and practitioners: each of the diverse therapeutic approaches which we are attracted to, reflects our own individual gifts and pathologies, as well as that of its founders. Therefore - rather than lamenting the fragmentation of our field into dogmatic tribes and the splits between them - we can use these conflicts and paradigm clashes to be drawn more deeply into the creative void of ‘intersubjective mess’: when we can allow the contradictions between the approaches to de-construct and wound each other – something they are inclined to do effortlessly - wounding and woundedness come together. If we can bear this coming together in an embodied way, a space is created in which healing and wholeness can emerge.


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