Interview for Psychotherapy Excellence webcast series

Interview for Psychotherapy Excellence webcast series

A series of 10 interviews by Psychotherapy Excellence, starting with the question: What is Psychotherapy?

(Michael's interview is session 8 in this series ... there will be a free webcast of the interview on Monday, July 21st)

"At first sight, this may seem quite a basic opening question for a new series of interviews with an impressive line-up of well-known psychotherapists associated with major modality approaches. As we discovered, the responses are anything but basic - ranging from provocative to reassuring, from thought provoking to inspiring."

You can purchase the whole first series, including transcripts, from Psychotherapy Excellence.

There are going to be further series on other questions in the future.

Here's a little snippet from the interview with Michael, hesitating to spill the whole inaccessible tin of paradoxical beans:

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