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Monthly Archives: June 2012

2. In an impossible profession, the therapist NEEDS to fail

In an impossible profession, the therapist needs to fail In the last entry, I suggested that psychotherapy's depth, impact and effectiveness would increase dramatically, if we took the notion of the 'impossible profession' not as a quip, but as an essential reality - as the paradoxical foundation of our work. Today - without yet delving [...]

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Interview with Michael: “The Relational Turn in Body Psychotherapy”

In this interview, Nancy Eichhorn was asking about Michael’s background and contribution to the Relational Body Psychotherapy Panel at the EABP/CABP International Conference coming up in September 2012 in Cambridge. Here are some headlines from the content of the interview: Do we have a shared understanding of what we mean by ‘relational’? Relational Body Psychotherapy [...]

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