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Presentations from Conference ‘Embodied Intersubjectivity in the Clinic’ with Shaun Gallagher

Shaun Gallagher: "4E cognition in therapeutic settings" (4E = embodied,  embedded,  enactive,  extended) Shaun's presentation in PDF format ‘Embodied Intersubjectivity’ – Preparatory Notes by Michael Soth Questions inherent in our theme ‘Embodied Intersubjectivity’ What are our ideas/concepts of ‘mind’ and how two ‘minds’ understand each other and relate? What [...]

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Online Enquiry: Overestimating the Working Alliance?

Investigating our shared ‘implicit relational knowing’ about the working alliance by considering the question: Do therapists tend to over-estimate the working alliance they have with their clients? Take part in our online enquiry and join us in a shared experimental learning process. You are welcome to join in the enquiry around this topic which I [...]

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