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Monthly Archives: September 2016

What is the role of transference in trauma work?

As we are just planning and thinking about Morit’s forthcoming CPD workshops on integrative trauma therapy, this topic is currently at the forefront of our minds, so I'm sharing it with you. There is a wide spectrum of opinion as to what role working with the transference plays in trauma work. I believe that the [...]

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Book Review: “Bullshit in Psychotherapy” by George Steinfeld

This is a sweet and interesting book, with an obviously attractive title (well - attractive to me!), written as an autobiographical look back over his professional life as a therapist by the 80-year-old George Steinfeld. It is exceptional in its honesty, and it pulls no punches about delivering some uncomfortable home truths about this profession [...]

By |2017-03-07T19:53:39+00:00September 11th, 2016|Michael's Psychotherapy CPD Blog|0 Comments

What’s my book going to be about?

Many of you know that I am planning to take off the spring term of 2017 in order to start writing a book. There are several books I have in my mind which I think deserve to be written[1]. But as I have previously struggled when writing longer pieces like that, for my first book [...]

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Integrative Trauma Therapy – 3 CPD Workshops in Oxford with Morit Heitzler

Are these workshops for me? These workshops are designed for practising counsellors and therapists who have some previous training and experience with trauma work. They might best be described as ‘intermediate’ workshops, for therapists who have completed basic training in one of the modern trauma therapies (like Somatic Trauma Therapy (Babette Rothschild), Somatic Experiencing [...]

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