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How does psychotherapy work? – laying the groundwork in 100 daily tweets!

Following on from Interview 2 with Tom Warnecke for Psychotherapy Excellence, as it was fresh on my mind, I have written a sequence of 100 bullet points on the question "How does psychotherapy work?" - follow me on Twitter (@INTEGRA_CPD) to catch the whole series, one every day ... The bullet points are not yet [...]

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Interview 2 for Psychotherapy Excellence webcast series

A series of 10 interviews by Psychotherapy Excellence - Interview 2: How Does Psychotherapy Work? Last Monday I completed the second in the Psychotherapy Excellence series of interviews, with Tom Warnecke, on the topic of how psychotherapy works. This is building on the first interview on the question “What is Psychotherapy?” some months ago. The [...]

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Political attitudes to mental health are harming patients and staff

from: Healthcare Professionals Network | Guardian Professional: We have become ever more used to hearing reports of a failing NHS in recent years. The NHS is becoming ever more politicised, and with it there are unseen and often unpredicted consequences for patients. While this makes providing compassionate and appropriate care more difficult across the [...]

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