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Body Psychotherapy and the Body in Supervision – Interview for CONFER (2013)

In this interview, Jane Ryan from CONFER was asking Michael about Body Psychotherapy, the role of the body in our emotional lives, and the body in supervision.There are also interviews - on the same page - with Michael’s colleagues Margaret Landale and Nick Totton. Here is the link: This interview is in preparation for [...]

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Interview with Michael: “The Relational Turn in Body Psychotherapy”

In this interview, Nancy Eichhorn was asking about Michael’s background and contribution to the Relational Body Psychotherapy Panel at the EABP/CABP International Conference coming up in September 2012 in Cambridge. Here are some headlines from the content of the interview: Do we have a shared understanding of what we mean by ‘relational’? Relational Body Psychotherapy [...]

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Jungian Analyst James Hollis: Creating a Life: Finding Your Individual Path (2000)

To those of us in mid-life, James Hollis has written several relevant and highly recommended books (see list below). This is from the back cover of his book "Creating a Life: Finding Your Individual Path" (2000) Were therapists required by “truth in advertising” legislation to tell their reality, then virtually no one would enter therapy. [...]

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General Principles of the CPD we Offer at INTEGRA …

Features of our courses: offering up-to-date, clinically relevant information and skills content and process are in line with and drawing on modern neuroscience integrating the whole spectrum of therapeutic approaches whole-person and experiential learning aware of embodiment and bodymind processes focussed on working with ‘what is’ theory emerges from practice and is actually helpful, not [...]

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What actually is ‘Quality of Relationship’ and can it be Enhanced?

It's an important question, as it is the nebulous catch-all phrase increasingly used to capture the essential factor which apparently makes therapy work - or not! But when we probe a little deeper what people actually mean by the innocuous phrase (which is easily accepted as consensual - we all want quality of relationship, don't [...]

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