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An Integrative Triangle: Freud, Reich and Jung (1994)

An Integrative Triangle: Freud, Reich and Jung (1994)2017-04-07T02:55:03+00:00

Project Description

Incomplete notes for a paper given at the UKAPI Conference 2001, suggesting that Freud, Jung and Reich can be seen as championing in some respects three mutually exclusive, but actually complementary perspectives, each with its own blessings and shadow aspects. By understanding these forefathers of our traditions as fantasies and aspects of ourselves, both as persons and as practititoners, our ideas and fantasies of them may be used in an integrative endeavour by bringing them in relation to each other. I suggested that each pair in the triangle shares a certain kind of obliviousness and unawareness which needs the third person in the triangle for awareness, reflection and possible integration. A paper that could be developed further and used as a basis for research into integrative practice.


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