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On BodyMind Process (2006)

On BodyMind Process (2006)2017-04-07T02:55:08+00:00

Project Description

Some preparatory thoughts on an embodied whole-person approach: if we want to work with the whole spectrum of processes from unconscious to conscious, from spontaneous to reflective, from somatic to emotional, mental and psychological, we recognise that in its traditional manifestation, the field of psychotherapy mirrors the fragmentation of the client’s body/mind, with different approaches championing different aspects of the client's bodymind wholeness. But how do the fragments come together, and make a whole rather than a conflicted heap? Rather than trying to resolve the contradictions between the approaches, we can recognise that the tensions between them mirror similar tensions in the client - we can use our (external and internal) sense of conflictedness between the approaches as a mirror, as a projection screen, that reflects the client's internal world via a parallel process.


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