Resource Description

This is the presentation given CONFER at the conference entitled "Enactments: are these to be welcomed or avoided?" The main aim of the presentation is the following question: If I want the enactment to become transformative of deeply ingrained, unconscious characterological patterns (which, according to one definition, is what enactments are a manifestation of), what principles help us in practice? To prepare the ground, I establish some historical markers in terms of how the concept of enactment developed (Martha Stark's "Modes of Therapeutic Action" and my three relational revolutions). A central aspect of the presentation are two lists: different definitions and attitudes towards enactment; and different attitudes towards the recovery from rupture or enactment. This prepares the ground for the image that enactment is like being pulled down a vortex, and that in order to survive enactment transformatively, we need to surrender to it rather than struggle against it.


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