The 4 Main Countertransference Objects in the Enactment (2014)


This handout is a more detailed description of Contact 3 in the '3 Kinds of Contact' - it describes the 4 objects which are all constellated in the countertransference experience during an enactment - the therapist can experience all of them in [...]

The Essential Relational Conflict Inherent in the Therapeutic Position: Object- versus Subject-Relating (2014)


This handout crystallises the essential tension inherent in the therapeutic position, between: 'I-it' object-relating (which can be both deeply healing and deeply wounding) on the one hand, and dialogical 'I-I' subject-relating (which can be both deeply healing and deeply wounding) on the other. The implication is that either [...]

How the Wound Enters the Therapeutic Relationship (2005)


This table is a summary of the 6-and-a-half steps by which we can conceive of the late 19th century medical model frame of therapy having been deconstructed and broken down over the last 100 years. It is a summary of an article published in 'Therapy Today' under the [...]