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A Multiplicity of Relational Modalities – 25 years on

Part 1: Integrating ideas on relational stances from Gomez, Stark & Clarkson Introduction: Clarkson’s seminal contribution I sometimes get asked why I put such emphasis in my teaching on relational modalities - an idea first formulated in a paper by Petruska Clarkson in 1990. Because it is such a well-known model, that has formed the [...]

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Potentials and Pathologies of Character Structure Theory

Michael Soth: European Congress of Body Psychotherapy: the Embodied Self in a dis-Embodied Society: A presentation proposal A presentation addressing the shadow aspects of this central theoretical model of our tradition Character Structure theory is a central element of Body Psychotherapy, building on Reich’s monumental achievement to bring together biology and psychology through his notion [...]

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Relational Modalities in the History of Body Psychotherapy

(from my chapter "Transference, Countertransference and Supervision in the Body Psychotherapy tradition" in: The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology)   I have been asked a few times for a brief summary regarding relationality in Body Psychotherapy - here's a very condensed paragraph from the above chapter:   A Multiplicity of Relational Modalities in [...]

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Beyond antagonising: towards a mature integration of embodiment and dis-embodiment

European Congress of Body Psychotherapy: the Embodied Self in a dis-Embodied Society: A keynote proposal This keynote proposal aims at re-defining and refining our notion of ‘embodiment’ in non-polarising terms that are actually helpful in transcending Cartesian dualism As the title of our conference suggests, Body Psychotherapy has always found itself in a counter-cultural position, [...]

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‘In Therapy’ with Susie Orbach (radio series on Channel 4)

Listen to 'In Therapy' with Susie Orbach: 5 episodes (15 minutes each) "Psychotherapist Susie Orbach explores the private relationship between therapist and patient. We join Susie in her consulting room, where she meets a different client each day.   All of the clients are played by actors, but these are not scripted scenes. Each client [...]

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How to Improve Access to ALL the Psychological Therapies?

The 'IAallPT' project: towards a multi-disciplinary, multi-modality mental health and well-being service How can we make a broad-spectrum therapeutic response accessible and available to the community? A year ago, after much preparation, my colleague Justin Smith initiated the Oxfordshire Therapy & Self-Development Centre (OTS). Now, in 2016, we have a vibrant and growing community of [...]

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“And So It Goes On” – a story of one therapy by Russell Rose

Sat in the waiting room of the clinic, wide-eyed big-haired and spindly-limbed, David’s anxiety was a presenting feature, most apparent in the firmness with which he was pressing the palms of his hands into his thighs, giving me the impression that his legs would shake furiously otherwise. Despite being fashionably well-dressed, he seemed [...]

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Visionary psychoanalyst Harold Searles has died

Harold Searles has died - see obituary and commentaries on this visionary psychoanalyst. There is also a piece of writing by a psychoanalyst who herself was in analysis with Searles, and describes it in glowing terms, revealing both the limitations of the sub-cultural context of the discipline at the time as well as glimpses of [...]

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Commentary and critique of introductory chapter of Martha Stark’s 1999 “Modes of Therapeutic Action”

Martha Stark (1999) “Modes of Therapeutic Action” A summary of the introductory chapter to the book, with commentary and critique by Michael Soth © 2015 I have been using Martha Stark’s book “Modes of Therapeutic Action” for some time as one of the main texts for exploring the fundamental ideas and principles of the relational [...]

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IARPP Conference 2016 Rome, Italy 9 – 12 June 2016

The International  Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Conference - IARPP 2016 ROME, ITALY The Arts of Time: Relational Psychoanalysis and Forms of Vitality in Clinical Process In these recent years psychoanalysis has been dealing more and more with the exploration of the therapeutic process and the implicit dimension of the clinical exchange. A relational [...]

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SEPI Conference 2016 Dublin, Ireland 16–18 June 2016

Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration: International Conference The Therapist in Integrative Therapy: Implications for Practice, Research, and Training Continuing with SEPI´s goal to expand and enrich our mission of promoting innovative applications of integrative psychotherapy, the major theme for our 2016 meeting will address the topic of the therapist, with its numerous practice, [...]

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Mark Solms: “If the Id is conscious, where and what is ‘the unconscious’?”

Here is a highly recommended video of Mark Solms’ presentation at the NYSPA’s Fall Conference: Neurosciences and Psychoanalysis: From Early Freud to Contemporary Practice held on October 4, 2015. The title of the presentation is: “If the Id is conscious, where and what is ‘the unconscious’?” Whilst we might find some arguments with what he's [...]

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Exeter: Body-oriented CPD Weekend Group 2016 with Nick Totton & Michael

This weekend CPD group, organised by experienced TA therapist Judy Shaw in Devon around Exeter, will run over 4 weekends during 2016, with 2 weekends led by Nick Totton and 2 by Michael Soth. There will be two venues: the East Down Centre in Dunsford and Judy's place in Offwell near Honiton. There will be [...]

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CPD Workshop: How To Work When Therapy Isn’t Working?

Embodied Pathways Towards Resolving Impasses, Breakdowns and Enactments This is a workshop I have been running over recent years, in different places, for different audiences, for therapists from across the approaches and modalities. It introduces the underestimated complexities and paradoxes of the working alliance in an accessible way, drawing attention to the rupture-and-repair cycles that [...]

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North London – Ongoing Integrative CPD Group (currently closed)

A broad-spectrum integrative, embodied & relational group for counsellors and psychotherapists from across the therapeutic approaches and modalities - with Michael Soth About the format the group This group has been ongoing since 2015, at a frequency about 4 or 5 days per year. It is semi-closed, to allow for continuity and group cohesion. That [...]

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Sneak Preview: The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy & Somatic Psychology

Edited by Gustl Marlock and Halko Weiss with Courtenay Young and Michael Soth This global Handbook of Body Psychotherapy has been many years in the making,  and is now due to be published in December 2015. You can get a 30% discount ($69.99 rather than $99.99) by ordering that book directly from North Atlantic Books.  I spent [...]

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