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The Vasomotoric Cycle – Amoeba (1991)

The Vasomotoric Cycle – Amoeba (1991)2017-04-07T02:56:35+00:00

Project Description

This old handout relates Gerda Boyesen's 'Vasomotoric Cycle' more explicitly to Wilhelm Reich's much earlier ideas (charge-discharge sequence) and actual microscopic research into the pulsation cycle of unicellular organisms (amoeba). Reich is known to have formulated some radical ideas about life energy and the spontaneous, self-organising formation of life, which he later related also to cancer. On an energetic level, in terms of the basic pulsation of the physiological and somatic processes in the bodymind, we can see human beings expanding and contracting, going out into the world, making contact and digesting the experience, like amoeba.


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