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5 Parallel Relationships (2001)

5 Parallel Relationships (2001)2017-04-07T02:59:13+00:00

Project Description

This handout is a more complex elaboration of the previous one, based upon further distinguishing the internal object relations (i.e. the ways in which the client is relating to themselves, and the multiple self states involved) into three further parallels: 1. conflicting dynamics within the ego ( similar to Fairbairn's libidinal versus anti-libidinal ego); 2. conflicting dynamics between the reflective ego and the spontaneous processes (Body Psychotherapy's traditional notion of body-mind split); 3. embodied conflicting dynamics between spontaneous processes themselves. This original formulation (the conflicted ego and conflict with a spontaneous conflict) can help us attend to the multiple enactments occurring on all kinds of bodymind levels, when we think of the therapeutic relationship as a complex bodymind system.


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