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The Hawkins/Shohet Model of Parallel Process (2005)

The Hawkins/Shohet Model of Parallel Process (2005)2017-04-07T03:01:59+00:00

Project Description

This page is a summary of the key features and principles of the seminal Hawkins/Shohet model of 'parallel process'. Published first in the mid-80s under the title ""Supervision in the Helping Professions"", 'parallel process' became one of the key features of my thinking, both in terms of supervision as well as the training work I was doing in the late 1980s with large learning communities on self-directed counselling courses. In this organisational context we also found 'parallel processes' to be occurring between the large group and the tutor team. Initially formulated as 6 areas of reflection which a supervisor might legitimately attend to, this was later expanded by Hawkins/Shohet to 7 to include the cultural and organisational setting. I produced this summary on the occasion of a presentation (to the first UKCP Supervision conference 2007) where for the first time I made public my extended model of 'parallel process' and the fractal self (see other handout).


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