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22 March 2014 - Ealing, West London

Body Psychotherapy and the Body in Supervision – Interview for CONFER (2013)2017-03-09T16:03:08+00:00

Project Description

In this interview, Jane Ryan from CONFER was asking Michael about Body Psychotherapy, the role of the body in our emotional lives, and the body in supervision, in preparation for the upcoming event in the series 'LIVE SUPERVISION - THE BODY' which Michael has entitled: 'The Fractal Self in Supervision'. Live supervision is an ideal context for illustrating a key feature of enactment: like a bar of soap in the bath, it is elusive. It shape-shifts between multiple self-states, different people, various levels of experience and awareness (somatic, emotional, mental). The harder I grasp and try to pin it down, the more likely it is to slip from my grip. But in the group context, it is then likely to slip into somebody else, and specifically into somebody else's bodymind process. By attending both to the relational and the bodymind field in the group context, there may be a way in this session to demonstrate the following principle: 'The more levels of parallel process can be held in awareness in the here and now, the more likely it is that transformative containment of enactment can occur'. Michael will illustrate how he extends the notion of parallel process to both interpersonal (transference-countertransference) processes as well as intra-psychic (body-mind) processes.


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