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SEPI Conference 2016 Dublin, Ireland 16–18 June 2016

Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration: International Conference The Therapist in Integrative Therapy: Implications for Practice, Research, and Training Continuing with SEPI´s goal to expand and enrich our mission of promoting innovative applications of integrative psychotherapy, the major theme for our 2016 meeting will address the topic of the therapist, with its numerous practice, [...]

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Exeter: Body-oriented CPD Weekend Group 2016 with Nick Totton & Michael

This weekend CPD group, organised by experienced TA therapist Judy Shaw in Devon around Exeter, will run over 4 weekends during 2016, with 2 weekends led by Nick Totton and 2 by Michael Soth. There will be two venues: the East Down Centre in Dunsford and Judy's place in Offwell near Honiton. There will be [...]

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CPD Workshop: How To Work When Therapy Isn’t Working?

Embodied Pathways Towards Resolving Impasses, Breakdowns and Enactments This is a workshop I have been running over recent years, in different places, for different audiences, for therapists from across the approaches and modalities. It introduces the underestimated complexities and paradoxes of the working alliance in an accessible way, drawing attention to the rupture-and-repair cycles that [...]

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London, Ealing – Ongoing Professional Development Group for Experienced Therapists

This group is for experienced therapists only (practising for 10 years or more), and has had a consistent core group of participants for the last few years (since 2012), meeting 6 days per year, usually for a whole weekend (10.00 - 17.00 both Saturday & Sunday). There is a 'pool' of currently 12 participants, and [...]

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North London – Ongoing Integrative CPD Group

A broad-spectrum integrative, embodied & relational group for counsellors and psychotherapists from across the therapeutic approaches and modalities - with Michael Soth About the format the group This group has been ongoing since 2015, at a frequency about 4 or 5 days per year. It is semi-closed, to allow for continuity and group cohesion. That [...]

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‘Embodied Intersubjectivity in the Clinic’ – Conference with Shaun Gallagher

Sun 26 Apr 2015, 10.00 am to 5.00 pm; Birkbeck College, London Keynote: Prof. Shaun Gallagher With Panelists: Susie Orbach, Nick Totton, Werner Prall, Birgit Heuer & Jean Knox Chair: Michael Soth The notions of 'embodiment' and 'intersubjectivity' are central to the therapeutic relationship and to modern notions of relationality. However, these notions [...]

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