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SEPI Conference 2016 Dublin, Ireland 16–18 June 2016

SEPI Conference 2016 Dublin, Ireland 16–18 June 2016

Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration: International Conference

The Therapist in Integrative Therapy: Implications for Practice, Research, and Training

Continuing with SEPI´s goal to expand and enrich our mission of promoting innovative applications of integrative psychotherapy, the major theme for our 2016 meeting will address the topic of the therapist, with its numerous practice, theoretical, research, and training implications. The therapist's contribution is of growing interest in treatment process and outcome studies. It has become increasingly important to identify therapist actions that are associated with effectiveness.

A number of questions emerge from this interesting intersection of therapist and integration:


 How do integrative models influence or modulate the therapist’s practice?

 Is an integrative therapist better prepared to treat diverse clinical problems than a therapist who adheres to a single theoretical model?

 How does an integrative therapist adapt to cultural differences?

 How do therapists’ factors operate with internet-delivered therapy?


 What are the distinguishing characteristics of an integrative therapist? What is the impact of these characteristics on their work?

 What characteristics of the therapist contribute to relationship factors such as alliance or empathy?

 How do integrative psychotherapists adapt their relational style to patients’ proclivities and personalities?

 Do certain therapists obtain better outcomes overall or do particular therapists have better outcomes with specific patient populations?

 What effects do the characteristics of the therapist have on continuance in psychotherapy? How do therapist variables interact with attrition?


 How and when does a therapist choose to become integrative?

 When is the right moment to “become” an integrative psychotherapist?

 What is the optimal way to be trained as an integrative therapist? Do therapist singularities influence different ways to be trained?

 What are the skills and competences that characterize an integrative therapist, and how can they be acquired?

 What are the distinctive ways of supervising an integrative perspective?

While submissions are especially encouraged that speak to this theme, we welcome submissions that are not directly related to the conference theme but bear on the broader theme of psychotherapy integration.


We encourage the participation of practitioners and scholars from all psychotherapy traditions and disciplines to attend our 2016 conference. While some may not necessarily identify themselves as integrative, we welcome the participation of all intrigued by the opportunity to discuss psychotherapy integration, pro or con.

The program will consist of pre-conference workshops, symposia/panels, discussion groups, mini-workshops, individual papers, and posters that address themes related to psychotherapy integration. There will be two keynote speakers and three plenary panels featuring invited participants.

We wish to underscore that:

 SEPI is particularly devoted to facilitating dialogue among participants. As such, all presentations should allocate ample time for audience participation and discussion.

 We encourage the use of videotaped sessions, verbatim transcriptions, demonstrations, case presentations, or other methods that ground the dialogue, clarify practical considerations, and demonstrate clinical application. (Please be sure to secure client’s informed consent for the ethical use of session material).

For further info: http://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.sepiweb.org/resource/resmgr/sepi2016/sepi2016_flyer_www.pdf or see: http://www.sepiweb.org/


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