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The Vasomotoric Cycle 1 (1990, 2005)

The Vasomotoric Cycle 1 (1990, 2005)2017-04-07T02:56:19+00:00

Project Description

This handout illustrates the basic principle of Gerda Boyesen's (Biodynamic Psychology) concept of the 'Vasomotoric Cycle'. The assumption is (similar to the Gestalt cycle - see other handout), that human experience goes through continuous cycles, which can be complete or incomplete. The idea of the 'Vasomotoric Cycle' is rooted in Wilhelm Reich's much earlier formulation (late 1920's) of the tension-charge-discharge-relaxation cycle, which is essentially a holistic idea, following the cycle of experience throughout all bodymind levels, thus knitting together body, mind and psyche in the idea of an unfolding continuous process. Incomplete and interrupted cycles therefore are seen to have (negative) consequences on all levels, from the somatic to the emotional to the mental. A chronically interrupted cycle is equivalent with character formation (revised 2005).


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