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The Diamond Model of Modalities – Oscillations (2004)

The Diamond Model of Modalities – Oscillations (2004)2017-04-07T03:00:21+00:00

Project Description

My 'Diamond Model of the Modalities', based on Clarkson's modalities of the therapeutic relationship, uses my extended version of the modalities by including 'medical model'-relating. This model is designed to transform what are usually understood as sequential treatment options into it dynamic system in which all modalities are in tension with each other all the time. This dynamic system is structured by the oscillations in the working alliance, swinging around the three kinds of contact between effortless alliance on the one hand and alliance-undermining enactment on the other. We can think of this as similar to the rupture-repair cycles which are now considered essential in early development, in some ways are the early development.


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