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Character Formation (Complex Model) (2008)

Character Formation (Complex Model) (2008)2017-04-07T03:02:31+00:00

Project Description

This handout is the non-dualistic, complex version of character formation, using simple terms from Transactional Analysis, but including the conflicted ego. Rather than seeing the ego exclusively as a repressive, rationalising fortress, homogenous in its defensive functioning, the ego is conceptualised as conflicted, split and fragmented, bringing the model more in line with Fairbairn's notion of the split ego (libidinal versus anti-libidinal) and also TA ego-states. The ego is recognised as managing protectively the unmanageable inner conflict, but doing so in conflicted, habitual ways which actually replicate and re-enact the wounding (this perpetuating the conflict whilst appearing to manage it) and thus precluding and aborting possible transformation of the conflict.


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