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Notes and suggested reading/resource materials for Integrative North London CPD Group

Notes and suggested reading/resource materials for Integrative North London CPD Group2018-08-26T17:48:49+00:00

Reading - basic articles by Michael

The Body in Counselling (1999)
How ‘the Wound’ Enters the Consulting Room (2006)
Psychotherapy: Paradoxes, Pitfalls & Potential (2003)
Humanistic or psychodynamic – what is the difference and do we have to make a choice? (Lavinia Gomez 2003)
Is it Possible to Integrate Humanistic Techniques into a Transference-Countertransference Perspective? (2004)
What is ‘Working with the Body’ ? (2002)
Relating to and with the Objectified Body (1999)
Embodied Countertransference(2004)

Reading - seminal historical papers:

Racker, H. (1958) The Meaning and Uses of Countertransference
Reich (1943) On Character-Analytic Technique
Clarkson (1994) Foreword: The Therapeutic Relationship
Clarkson Chapter 1: A Multiplicity of Relationships in Psychotherapy
Lyons-Ruth, K. (1998) Implicit Relational Knowing
Schore (2000) Attachment and the Regulation of the Right Brain
Schore (2004) Neuropsychoanalysis
Schore (2010) Projective Identification, Unconscious Communication and the Right Brain


Three Kinds of Contact (1995)
The Implicit Relational Stance Underlying Theory and Technique (1995)
Character Formation (1995)
3 Parallel Relationships (1996)
The Three Relational Revolutions (2007)
The Client’s Conflict becomes the Therapist’s Conflict (1998)
The Therapist’s Relational Stance (2003,2010,2015)
The essential relational conflict inherent in the therapeutic position: object- versus subject-relating (2014)
The 4 Main Countertransference Objects in the Enactment (2014)

Reading - additional articles by Michael & Morit:

The Therapist’s Implicit Relational Stance & Habitual Positions (2007)
Group Body Psychotherapy (2008)
Crowded Intimacy – Engaging Multiple Enactments in Complex Trauma Work (Morit Heitzler 2010)
Broken Boundaries, Invaded Territories (Morit Heitzler 2013)
The Relational Turn in Body Psychotherapy (2012)
We Are All Relational, But Are Some More Relational Than Others? (2013)
Commentary and critique of introductory chapter of Martha Stark’s 1999 “Modes of Therapeutic Action
What Supports the Sustainability of our Practice as Therapists? (2015)